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Things to Do in Southwestern Ontario: Beach / Water Activities

With Lake Huron on one side, Georgian Bay on the other and dozens of inland lakes in between, Grey and Bruce counties offer a freshwater playground. Sandy beaches and incredible sunsets; fishing for trout; diving a shipwreck or exploring the quaint coves by boat – life in Grey and Bruce revolves around the water. Come and explore all the incredible activities here.


If relaxing on a sun-drenched beach and watching some of the best sunsets in the world sound like your kind of activity, there is a beach in Grey and Bruce counties that is just right for you. With an expansive shoreline, there are numerous sandy beaches, inlets and coves throughout the region. Sauble Beach on Lake Huron is one of the best-known beaches in the area. Its 11 km stretch of sand makes it a popular vacation destination and it hosts beach volleyball tournaments and a major sandcastle competition. In Bruce Peninsula National Park, Singing Sands is on the Lake Huron side of Tobermory, and has a long stretch of shallow water that is a favourite of families. Just outside of Lion’s Head is an excellent beach with very accessible parking, a marina and playground.

If you are looking for something a little more off the beaten path, Sandy Beach on the Bruce Peninsula is a great choice. On Georgian Bay, Hibou Conservation Area has a rocky beach with warm water and many amenities. There are also many great inland beaches on the dozens of lakes in Grey and Bruce counties. Stop by Bedford Lake for its sandy beach and warm shallow water or head over to Bass Lake and take a leap off of the diving platform.


Explore the coves, cruise the shoreline, race the wind and travel the waters through Lake Huron and Georgian Bay by sailboat, motorboat, yacht or watercraft. Or paddle the Saugeen River and the Rankin River in a canoe or kayak. Surrounded by water, Grey and Bruce counties are an excellent destination for boating. There are many marinas throughout the area including the Wiarton Marina, Sauble River Marina, Owen Sound Marina and the Tobermory Marina with deep-water access and a full range of services. For paddling, stop by Thorncrest Outfitters for both canoe and kayak rentals, paddle routes and guided trips.


Grey and Bruce counties are a haven for fishermen. Charter a fishing boat from one of the area marinas, cast off from the shoreline or head to one of the inland lakes for more excellent fishing. Just make sure to have a valid fishing license. It is mandatory for persons age 18 to 65.


Bruce County is an exceptional dive location due to its incredibly crystal clear waters and the chance to explore shipwrecks, caves and coves. It is the scuba diving capital of Canada. For an exciting dive location, visit Fathom Five National Marine Park for diving among 22 shipwrecks. For cave diving, spend the day at the Grotto, a sea cave naturally carved out of the Niagara Escarpment.

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